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лого Бекра ООД BECKRA LLC is a Bulgarian private company, established in 2010. The company is official representative of the German company Logo Berner GmbH for Bulgaria.

BECKRA LLC has a team of sales representatives covering every region in Bulgaria.

BECKRA LLC has its own repair shop handling all warranty and non-warranty repairs.

Logo Berner GmbH, Germany is established in 1957 and is one of the European leaders in selling supplies and tools for the construction, automotive and various other industries. BERNER GmbH is represented by 25 subsidiary companies in Europe and the Far East with an annual turnover of over EUR 1 000 000 000 and more than 9000 qualified employees. Supports product range of more than 21 000 items.

Logo Beckra LLCBECKRA LLC provides the full range of diverse and high-quality products of BERNER. The offered products are widely used in light and heavy industries. Main customers are car repair shops; construction, metalworking and woodworking enterprises.

Why choose working with Logo Beckra LLCBECKRA LLC:

  • Wide range of products with high German quality
  • Skilled sales team, servicing the entire territory of Bulgaria
  • Network of warehouses in the whole country
  • Flexible trade policy
  • Long-term and correct relations with our customers
  • Own repair shop handling warranty and non-warranty repairs

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